Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hello Again Bloggy! :)

Heyy peeps! Omg! It has been almost 3 months i didnt update this blog. Busy sikit sekarang. Yea, SPM candidates kan. Got a lot of things to study and ofcourse this months me and my friends will do the account project. Ktorg baru je buat tadi and Alhamdulillah, almost dah nak siap :) Yeayy, and tomorrow kena pegi rumah my friend lagi sbb nak siapkan sikit je lagi account tu and we will practice our oral. Maybe, we're going to do women abuse. Cant wait for the oral! :D

So, malam ni tak boleh nak tidur sgt lah. Thats why lah berkesempatan nak update blog ni. Act, i just finished do my history note. Cikgu suruh buat sampai bab 5, but I baru je buat sampai bab 2. Bagus kan? *sigh* mcm mana lah nak jadi pelajar cemerlang ni. Hurm, nak tidur bukan boleh pun. I keep thinking about him. Harini I tak text dgn dye sgt sbb Im kinda busy today. Sempat txt pun dalam sekejap je :-/ hmm im sorry, if you're reading this. I cant help myself. Now baru betul betul free. Act td I buat nota sejarah sambil online bluebird. Sambil sambil tu sempat lah lagi nak tweet. Tp takde lah tweet all the time. Skjp skjp je. Then dye nak merajuk sbb I buat kerja sambil online boleh, tapi nak txt dye tak boleh. Yea at first I was kinda angry at him sbb I bknnye sengaja taknak txt dye. I've got a lot of works to do. Kang kalau txt, reply lambat sikit marah *sigh*

Anywayy, now I just realize that I really miss him so fucking damn much. Like seriously, im not joking. He really mad at me. And he dont want to text me. K, I understand. Its my fault. Im sorry sweetheart :-/ I hope you forgive me..So, I think thats all from now. My bed is calling for me hee. Goodnight and Assalamualaikum :)