Saturday, June 23, 2012


Ya Allah, dah berhabuk dah I punya blog ni! :O fuhfuhfuh! *tiuphabuk* okayy done! Ehem ehem, Assalamualaikum to all my fellow muslims :) okay, sebenarnya dah taktahu mcm mana nak guna blog ni sbb dah lama tak bukak kan. So as you guys can see, my last entry was in April rite? It has been almost 2 months i didnt update my bloggy. Well lately im kinda busy with all the "things" that happened into my life. And you know, im in form 5 right now and I have to struggle for the SPM rite.

Yeayy! My mid term exam had over and now I had known my results. Yes, its awful! I seriously regret with my results. I had stay up all night studying and do some exercise and I didnt get enough sleep. But lastly the result is like a shit. Sorry to say but thats the truth *sigh* at least I had give my best for it. Nevermind, just forget about the midterm exam. And now I have to focus on my TRIAL EXAMINATION. Yess, its just a few months to go. Im so scared. Im not ready for the trial. And ofcourse for the SPM too. Im afraid that I will get a bad result :-/ 

But then, let us take a look at our niat when we study. Do we study because of we need to strive in exam? Or we study because of we want to get the knowledge and use it for the benefits of the society? What’s the difference? Well, let us take a look at the first niat. When we study because of exam, we will do “whatever” we can in order for us to get the highest marks in exam. That includes staying up till late night for revision, hours of consultation with the teachers, focus in the class and and and, well, cheating in exam. What happen if we don’t strive in our exam? FRUSTRATED of course. This is the time where we start to curse our friends, the teachers or worst, God. However, if we study because of our hunger of the knowledge, all of this will not happen to us- the cheating and cursing thingy. Because we will be happy once we understand whatever area of knowledge that we study no matter what happen to our exam result.

People says, "DETERMINATION TODAY LEADS TO SUCCESS TOMORROW". Don’t get me wrong. I’m not writing all of these as an excuse for my bad exam result. For me, everything happens for a reason. Allah knows what the best for us. Doesnt mean that bad exam result will means there are something bad just happen to us. For example, bad exam result will lead us closer to Allah. Because most of us tend to pray once there something bad happens to us. Furthermore, it may help us to conserve our iman. Besides, it also will encourage us to work harder, pushing our boundaries. Who knows while doing this, we might discover our greatest potential. My point is there are good reasons for every bad thing that happen to us. We may realize it tomorrow morning, a week later, a year later, a decade later or once we’re in Akhirat where Allah will reveals every single thing that happen to us. 

So my advice to you guys out there and to myself, keep on making some efforts to do the best in your examination and in your life. We dont know what will happen to us one day. Whether we succeed or not, we have to face everything on our own. Pray for the best. InsyaAllah everything will lead us to success. For me, the higher the effort, the higher the score we will get. As simple as that :) Thats it for now. Thanks to my dad for helping me with the words that I didnt know to use it in english. Teehee :3 Assalamualaikum.