Monday, June 28, 2010

my superduperhugebiggy problems

DING DONG!!! hello peeps :)
hurmmmm....rite now i had a superduperhugebiggy problems
i have 2 person that i love
there's A and B

about A, i love him so much
but rite now i think he's totally bz with his stdy at "somewhere"
and i'm afraid lame-kelamaan ktorg mcm da x rpt sgt
biase la, bdk college
but we're not couple okayy
he's my ex bf

about B, i started to like him
idk why..he's so sweet and caring to me
but my fren said that he's a playboy
idk it's true or not

the problem is rite now idk who i want to choose
both of them were trying to flirting with me
i love both of them soo much's hard for me to choose
both of them were sweet to me
caring, loveable
i'm so confused :(

but the best way is
i think i just be frens with them until i finish my pmr
after pmr i will think bout his
rite now i have to concentrate to my study first
i have to got 9A's or 8A's for my pmr

btw, this saturday hari ambil report card
OMG! i'm so scared..i'm afraid that my parents will mad at me
i really regret i didn't do my best for mid year exam
but orang ckp mnyesal tidak ada gunenye
rite now i have to try my best for this trial
it's almost's about one month
andd PMR is about 99 days to go
i'm sooo nervous + scared = :(
hope i get a good abd better result 4 my trial

okayy...gtg now
got to do some revision..hehe :D
peace yaww home dawg!! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

my storie(s)

heyyyy guysss
da lme gle x update blog
i ade manyak crita nak cte maaa
firstly i da dpt paper mid year exam i
omg! i'm really shocked this time
nsb x skit jntung
there's good and bad..but i'm not satisfied with my marks
i'm sure my parents will scold me
and my phone msti kne rmps...urgh!!!
tolong la..mmg xley kalo xde fon..i'm addicted to it okayy
hmmmm..soo sad :(
siyez mnyesal x wat btol2 mse mid year exam tu
but nvm, nyesal pon x gune
i'll try my best for trial..hope i get a lot of high marks

next story...
today my ex-bf da pegi sarawak :(
i'm so sad..i never forget our sweet memories together :'(
i miss him so much
but, ape bole buat..we're no longer couple
hope dye berjaye kat sane and dpt jmpe pmpn yg lbey baik dr i
huhuhu..*jahat sangat ke i ni* ahaha
i'm a good girl okayyy..but like cobra starship said, good girl gone bad
ahaha..xdee kene mgene langsung

another story...
act, i mmg igt da xnk couple
but i ade knl sorang laki ni
name's a secret okayy
mane bole bagi taw..hehe
he's so handsome and rich ;)
i already like him
we're almost couple
mse school holiday tu dye ade mntk cple
but i xtaw nak approve ke tak
bcoz mse tu i still love my bf
i can't forget him
but now, we're already broke up
andd i think i want this boy
pluss, this boy is so nice, sweet and caring
omg...i think i had fell in love with him
but, tgk la cane
if i ade pape crite psl ni
i will write it here

OMG! it's already 3.30!
act i x mndi lg ni
ehehe..blk skola tros online :D i think dat's all
if ade pape news or story i'll write it here okayy
so, gtg now..
peace yaww home dawg!! :)