Friday, June 24, 2011

Things that Girls and Guys Shouldn't Ever Do


-Make fun of her hair, face, body or clothes. Seriously don't!

-Overuse sarcasm. It's one thing to joke, it's another to speak sarcasm as a second language.

-Flirt with other girls. It doesn't make us want you more, it just makes us angry.

-Cheat. NEVER in any way will you get away with it.

-Make promises they can't keep. If you can't follow through, don't say it.

-Say "I Love You" when they don't mean it. If the girl you "loved" gained 300 pounds, would you still love her?? That's what i thought.

-Lie. You WILL get caught. Don't ever under any circumstances try to keep a lie going with a girl. It WILL not work.

-Deny things that are true. If a girl confronts you about something, she knows the truth. Denying it makes her more angry. Grow some balls and own up to it.

-Pressure her. If she wants to do something to you, she WILL.

-Talk about other girls. Don't say they're hot, pretty or even nice. We don't want to hear it.

-Talk to her about their exes. If you're saying nice stuff, we'll assume you still like them. If you say shit, we'll assume you'll do the same towards us.

-Say shit behind her back. No matter how much you try to keep it as a secret, she WILL hear about it.

-Be a dick to her in front of their friends. They might think it's funny, but she will definitely not.

-Try to make it look like something was her fault to get yourself out of trouble. It will make things much much worse.

-Ask why she's made at you. Say you were wrong and apologize. Do not say you didn't do anything wrong. If she's mad, you obviously did something.

-Joke about wanting to break up. It won't be taken as a joke, and you'll be single before you can tell her you were kidding.

-Tell her she's overreacting. If you thought she was mad before, prepare to meet she-beast from hell!!

-Go to parties and hang out with other girls without your girlfriend. No matter how much she trusts you, she WILL be worried.

-Make excuses. If you screwed up, don't try to get out of it.

-Talk to her when you're mad. You WILL screw something up and end up regretting it.


-Play him. Guys have emotions too and girls can be just as big of players as guys.

-Not pay attention. Guys try to be tough. I’m not going to lie. But when they’re willing to open up their hearts for you, don’t go off with the “omg i know exactly what you mean blah blah blah (insert your own personal story)”. It means that you’re important to him.

-Don’t hook up with other guys that he knows. He’ll get really jealous, even if he doesn’t like you. If you talk to him regularly, don’t do anything you’ll regret. He’ll regret it too.

-Deny his kindness. If he wants to hold doors open for you, pay for you, even carry you when your feet hurt, don’t tell him no. If he likes you, he’ll do so many things for you if you just let him.

-Deny your beauty. Don’t call yourself ugly in front of him, whether it because you want a compliment or you actually believe it. If he says you’re beautiful, believe it. That’s how you are to him. And if you want a compliment, all you have to do is hug him, or look at him in the eyes and you shall get your tales of self beauty from him.

-Let him go. When you find a guy you like, don’t let him go. If he seems like he’s worth it to you, go for it. Chances are you’ll have the time of your life with him, even if it doesn’t last forever.

-Vent to him and not expect him to like you. Don’t open your hearts, cry to him, run to him for support or vent to him in any way if you don’t want him to like you. It WILL happen.

-Don’t treat him like other guys. He’s not a typical guy if he treats you like a princess.

-Tell him to stay away from the people he loves. Yes, he might be friends with other girls, but if they’re his best friend since he was little, don’t tell him to leave her.

-Don’t treat him differently in person than through messaging. Don’t go around texting him like you’re in love and he’s your bff, and when you see him in person you say "Hi" once, and leave. It’s fucked up and it confuses him.

-Don’t accept his compliments. It’s kinda repeated, but when you say “ew, no i’m ugly”, it makes him feel like he’s doing a bad job at caring for you. Trust me.

-Don’t be afraid to let him “do you” LOL. If a guy wants to “eat you out” don’t say no, most of the time he wants to pleasure you without receiving anything in return.

-Don’t point out his flaws either. If you say “oh look, you have some fat here!” or, “it sucks that you don’t have definition on your arms” It’ll fucking haunt him forever.

- Don’t make it a contest to see who loves each other more. He doesn’t want to lose, but if he wins he feels like an ass. Lose-lose either way, so don’t do it.

-Don’t act like he’s a robot. He’s human. He cries, he screams, he can feel physical and emotional pain, he has limits and he can only control so much. Don’t push him.

-Go on adventures with him. He’ll protect you as much as he can, so don’t worry to wander off, it usually ends up being the time of your life.

-EVERY GUY MASTURBATES. DON’T JUDGE HIM. Every guy does it, at some point, no matter who they are, they will reach a moment in their lives where they do it on a daily basis, and they won’t care where. So don’t make fun of him.

P/S: If he says he loves you more, and he’s not a tool or drunk or high, It’s true

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Problem(s) !!

Whoaaa! It has been a long time i did not update my bloggyyyyy. So, as u guys can see the title upthere. Yeah, lately ni I got a lot of problems. It's not a family problems, but it's all about my friends. Idk how to solve all the problems. I wanna be a good and understanding friend to all of them, but I think some of my friend were hate to see me close to someone. Okay, right now I ada rapat dgn sorang kawan I ni. Yess, ktorang start rapat this year. But ramai orang tak suka tgk I rapat dgn dye. Then, certain people says that I totally change, idk in what way lah kan. But I tak tahu kenapa ktorg boleh rapat. To me, FRIENDSHIP is wayyyyy important. I really love all my friends and I love our friendship. Friends is like our second family right? :)

Actually, kebanyakkan problem I ni semua pasal membe membe I. Pasal she's being a backstab to my bestfriend. Then the sweet talker one. And my friend had a little problems with my boy friend, but the boy was like didn't know how she feel. Then, my friend were so frustrated. Everytime she sees that boy she will cry because of what had he done to her. Idk how to help them, but some of the problem were already solved "maybe". So lots of problem laaaaaa. Pening kepala. Kalau nk buat bodoh je susah pulak. Yela, dorang mmbe I kan, takkan nak buat bodoh je. I have to try my best to help them if they had a problem.

*sigh* Entah laaa. Tak tahu dah nak buat apa sekarang. Hope oneday all the problems will solve. And I really hope that no one yang akan bergaduh or something bad will happened towards us. Amin :) so, i think that's all for now. Gotta go. Peace and Assalamualaikum :)

"Believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities. Remind yourself that God is with you and nothing can defeat you
:) "