Thursday, September 5, 2013

The DEV Peeps :D

Hello Bloggers! So, it has been 3 months I've stayed in Johor Bahru. Yea it's quite fun. Johor ni takde beza mana pun dengan KL. But seriously Im feeling homesick right now. I wanna go home. I wanna see my mum, my dad and my siblings. I miss them so much. Hm hope cuti sempena Hari Malaysia nt I dapat balik Bangi...

Anyway, malas nak bersedih sedih lagi. So, uolls must wondering what's the meaning of DEV right? It stands for Diploma in Event Management. Im taking this course. Honestly, I did not regret for making decision to take this course at Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan. It's a fun course actually. First of all, I wanna talk about the peeps in DEV. At first of course la ada sesi suai kenal dalam kelas kan. Yes we got to know each other by name, where we are staying and course ni pilihan ke berapa, bla bla bla.

Long story goes short, hehe after a few months kenal dengan dorang, we've been a one big family. Event Managemant's student is fcking awesome! Serious tak menyesal kenal dengan dorg. Mula mula budak budak kelas ktorg ni hidup berpuak puak taw. Maklumla tak rapat and ada gang masing masing kan. Then one day time ada kawad kaki, we've come to an agreement that ktorg taknak la berpuak puak lagi kan. Meaning kawan dengan semua org la. Tak best la kalau ada yg rapat and ada yang tak kan. So ptg tu after kawad, weolls become so much closer. Amik gambar sama sama, gelak gelak macam hape je sampai semua org pandang time tu. WELL, WE'RE AWESOME LIDDAT YAWW haha. Nak buat cane. DEV mmg rare haha. Then start pada hari tu la ktorg dah tak berpuak puak lagi. Pape yg tak puas hati cakap je. FYI, kelas ktorg ada 40 orang. Cool right? Haha and kelas ktorg je yg tak dibahagikan kepada dua kelas. Mcm budak Tourism and Hotel Catering, kelas dorg kena pecah. Kelas ktorg je tak berpecah hehe. Hope next sem ktorg akan kekal bersama dalam satu kelas lagi :)

So here are some sneak peek of DEV1. Seriously I love them so much! 

Well I dont have much photos of DEV1, ni pun amik dekat my fren punya fb hehe. Sory amik tak bgtau. Thanks syaa and era :)

And of course weolls ada montage jgak okay. Awesome right? Hehe here's the link for the montage that one of my friend buatkan. Enjoy! :D

Sorry if video tu tak clear sangat

Friday, July 12, 2013

Berbuka Puasa with my darlings :)

Assalamualaikum to all my fellow muslims :) today is the 7th of July which is dah nak masuk 4 hari kita menunaikan ibadah puasa. Alhamdulillah... And the best part is malam ni I've got to spend my night with my darlings. Half of my girls yg dpt balik Bangi. Cuti kejap je. So yg ada td Mun, Tati and Adlin sahaja. Sedihnya tak cukup org :( Azwa tak balik, Azza pulak kena berbuka dgn family dia sbb nak celebrate bday mak dia skali. But nevermind cause I had so much fun with my girls. Dapat jumpa kejap pun jd lah kan.

So, we olls berbuka dkt.......jeng jeng jeng!

Harini we olls western sikit haha. So makan punya makan sampai lah pukul 8 then ktorg gerak PKNS sbb nak solat maghrib kejap. And after that, ktorang taktau nak pegi mana dah so we've decided nak lepak McD je. Walaupun lepak bertiga je kan, but serious happy sgt sbb I dpt jumpa my besties :) Rasa mcm setahun dah tak jumpa haha. Taktau lah bila lagi dpt jumpa. Hope time Raya nanti ktorg semua dpt jumpa lagi, Amin :') 

So conclusion is saje je nak update blog ni sbb taktau nak buat apa ni. Tak boleh nak tdo :-/ so takpe lah. Do listen to Miley new songs, title We Can't Stop ok. Goodnight peeps and assalamualaikum :)


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Politeknik Primier Ibrahim Sultan

Hello and assalamualaikum bloggers! Yes, I am officially a Polytechnic Ibrahim Sultan student. So apa nak cerita eyh? Tah la. Nothing much here. But seriously poly ni besar gila. Haritu ada la buat explorace time orientation. It was so much fun. I get to know a lot of people. Dalam satu group ada 15 org. And FYI, dalam group I ramai gila yg dtg dari Kelate youuuu. Haha ada la dari negeri lain but mostly dari Kelate. Gapo lagi kecek la klate dgn demo tuh haha. First first tu dorang takde la sombong ke apa tp ktorang tak cakap langsung. But ofcos la dalam group kena ada teamwork kan. So yea finally ktorang bercakap lah jgak. Tanya asal mana, skolah mana, duduk mana and macam macam lah. And mostly dorang lelaki. 

Speaking of Minggu Suai Kenal (MSK), there's a lot of thing happened time MSK tu. Mcm mcm la. But the best part is, first time in history MSK bertukar menjadi Melawat Shopping Kompleks. Haha tapi sehari jela. Mana je University yg buat lawatan time MSK kan. Ktorang pegi satu mall ni nama dia KSL. Not bad la mall dia. Ktorg pergi situ sbb ada event for Raja Zarith Sofia Awards. Tp ktorang tak masuk sgt event tu. Ktorang shopping la apa lagi. Then a few hours baru lah balik poly balik.

And and and, ktorang pun ada emotional part jgak. Apa lg kalau emo emo ni mesti la cerita pasal parents lah kan. Tp abang2 and kakak2 fesi ada buat satu game ni. Ktorg tak faham langsung game dia. Pastu tetiba ada yg nak marah la nak nangis la macam2. Time last day orientation lagi la. Fesi fesi suruh ktorg tulis dalam satu kertas apa yg tak puas hati sepanjang MSK ni kan. Apa lagi budak2 ni pun tulis la ketidakpuasan hati masing masing. Then, after tulis dorg kutip kertas. Ketua segala fesi tu pun baca la a few surat yg ktorang tulis. Pastu nak emo emo bagai. Tah pape tah. Sampai ada sorang kakak fesi ni pengsan, sorang lagi kena panic attacked and sorang budak pengsan. Macam lawak pun ada jgk sbb time tu ada sorang kakak fesi ni cakap "ni bukan gimik ye. ni betul betul. tgk apa yg awk dah buat dkt dorang". Ktorang mcm nak caye ke tak pun taktau la. Pastu cerita pasal family problems la. Ee serious byk masalah gila. Most of the girls nangis lah kan sbb teringat dkt parents (including me). Yela sape je tak nangis -,-

So end of the story, MSK habis dgn begitu emotional sekali. Tah pape tah. But ada je the best part. Taklimat takyah cakap la bosan gila. Mengantuk nak mampus. Time energizer je best sbb dorang create mcm mcm game nak bagi ktorang tak ngantuk. Now, I tgh menantikan kelas yg akan bermula pada hari isnin nt. Tak sabar nak start kelas. Tp yg tak bestnya event management ada account. Haish terpaksa lah. Nasib basic je. K lah, i've to go now. Take a good care of yourself peeps. Oh and wear a mask sbb skrg ni jerebu. K then, toodles!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Well Hello Again!

Ouh Em Geeeee! It has been a year since I updated my bloggy. I really miss my blog. So here's it goes again. Hello and Assalamualaikum to all the bloggers, to all the peeps that read my first entry for the first time in 2013 *kalau ada yg membaca lah kan* God I miss my blog! Well, im not a high school student anymore. In just a few days, I'll be a polytechnic student at Polytechnic Ibrahim Sultan, Johor Bahru. Unfortunately I didn't get to study at the Universities. But Alhamdulillah, atleast I can continue studying in IPTA. Well, some people underestimate the Polytechnic because its not a university and bla bla bla. I don't give a damn what people are going to say about Polytechnic, as long as I can further my study, then it's fine for me. 

So, the reason I want to re-write my blog is because, I miss to write some of my journey in my life. I used to wrote all the things that happened into my life in this blog. Just name it, love stories, friends, examination, school stuff, holidays and lots more! So I will have some new adventure soon, as a poly student. I don't know what will happen next. But I'm looking forward to it. I need some new environment. I need to get out of my house haha. But of course I'll definitely miss my family and friends. And I'm sure I will cry when my family send me to JayBee this Sunday :-/

Nwayy, I don't know what else I'm going to write. So, I will keep updating my blog In Sha Allah if I have some free times. And also if I have some stories to tell you guys, I'll write it here. Keep reading my blog if you want to know what's going on into my life. Hahaha Nik, seriously, do you think ada ke orang nak baca blog kau ni *sigh* whateverrrr. If ada yg baca, ada lah kan. That's it for now then. Have a good day and assalamualaikum! Btw, say hello to my new boyfie *peace*


Saturday, June 23, 2012


Ya Allah, dah berhabuk dah I punya blog ni! :O fuhfuhfuh! *tiuphabuk* okayy done! Ehem ehem, Assalamualaikum to all my fellow muslims :) okay, sebenarnya dah taktahu mcm mana nak guna blog ni sbb dah lama tak bukak kan. So as you guys can see, my last entry was in April rite? It has been almost 2 months i didnt update my bloggy. Well lately im kinda busy with all the "things" that happened into my life. And you know, im in form 5 right now and I have to struggle for the SPM rite.

Yeayy! My mid term exam had over and now I had known my results. Yes, its awful! I seriously regret with my results. I had stay up all night studying and do some exercise and I didnt get enough sleep. But lastly the result is like a shit. Sorry to say but thats the truth *sigh* at least I had give my best for it. Nevermind, just forget about the midterm exam. And now I have to focus on my TRIAL EXAMINATION. Yess, its just a few months to go. Im so scared. Im not ready for the trial. And ofcourse for the SPM too. Im afraid that I will get a bad result :-/ 

But then, let us take a look at our niat when we study. Do we study because of we need to strive in exam? Or we study because of we want to get the knowledge and use it for the benefits of the society? What’s the difference? Well, let us take a look at the first niat. When we study because of exam, we will do “whatever” we can in order for us to get the highest marks in exam. That includes staying up till late night for revision, hours of consultation with the teachers, focus in the class and and and, well, cheating in exam. What happen if we don’t strive in our exam? FRUSTRATED of course. This is the time where we start to curse our friends, the teachers or worst, God. However, if we study because of our hunger of the knowledge, all of this will not happen to us- the cheating and cursing thingy. Because we will be happy once we understand whatever area of knowledge that we study no matter what happen to our exam result.

People says, "DETERMINATION TODAY LEADS TO SUCCESS TOMORROW". Don’t get me wrong. I’m not writing all of these as an excuse for my bad exam result. For me, everything happens for a reason. Allah knows what the best for us. Doesnt mean that bad exam result will means there are something bad just happen to us. For example, bad exam result will lead us closer to Allah. Because most of us tend to pray once there something bad happens to us. Furthermore, it may help us to conserve our iman. Besides, it also will encourage us to work harder, pushing our boundaries. Who knows while doing this, we might discover our greatest potential. My point is there are good reasons for every bad thing that happen to us. We may realize it tomorrow morning, a week later, a year later, a decade later or once we’re in Akhirat where Allah will reveals every single thing that happen to us. 

So my advice to you guys out there and to myself, keep on making some efforts to do the best in your examination and in your life. We dont know what will happen to us one day. Whether we succeed or not, we have to face everything on our own. Pray for the best. InsyaAllah everything will lead us to success. For me, the higher the effort, the higher the score we will get. As simple as that :) Thats it for now. Thanks to my dad for helping me with the words that I didnt know to use it in english. Teehee :3 Assalamualaikum.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hello Again Bloggy! :)

Heyy peeps! Omg! It has been almost 3 months i didnt update this blog. Busy sikit sekarang. Yea, SPM candidates kan. Got a lot of things to study and ofcourse this months me and my friends will do the account project. Ktorg baru je buat tadi and Alhamdulillah, almost dah nak siap :) Yeayy, and tomorrow kena pegi rumah my friend lagi sbb nak siapkan sikit je lagi account tu and we will practice our oral. Maybe, we're going to do women abuse. Cant wait for the oral! :D

So, malam ni tak boleh nak tidur sgt lah. Thats why lah berkesempatan nak update blog ni. Act, i just finished do my history note. Cikgu suruh buat sampai bab 5, but I baru je buat sampai bab 2. Bagus kan? *sigh* mcm mana lah nak jadi pelajar cemerlang ni. Hurm, nak tidur bukan boleh pun. I keep thinking about him. Harini I tak text dgn dye sgt sbb Im kinda busy today. Sempat txt pun dalam sekejap je :-/ hmm im sorry, if you're reading this. I cant help myself. Now baru betul betul free. Act td I buat nota sejarah sambil online bluebird. Sambil sambil tu sempat lah lagi nak tweet. Tp takde lah tweet all the time. Skjp skjp je. Then dye nak merajuk sbb I buat kerja sambil online boleh, tapi nak txt dye tak boleh. Yea at first I was kinda angry at him sbb I bknnye sengaja taknak txt dye. I've got a lot of works to do. Kang kalau txt, reply lambat sikit marah *sigh*

Anywayy, now I just realize that I really miss him so fucking damn much. Like seriously, im not joking. He really mad at me. And he dont want to text me. K, I understand. Its my fault. Im sorry sweetheart :-/ I hope you forgive me..So, I think thats all from now. My bed is calling for me hee. Goodnight and Assalamualaikum :)


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello 2012 :)

Hello and Assalamualaikum to all the beautiful people out there and to you whos reading my bloggy :) As you can see the title upthere. Yeah its already 2012. And today is the 7th of January 2012. I think its not too late to make a 'speech' about the new year rite? :)

Alhamdulillah we had reach the year of 2012. Happy New Year peeps! :D I hope Allah SWT will bless this new year and hope everythings will be fine. I think some of you guys had heard about the rumors saying that the world will end in this 2012. Its not that I dont want to believe it, but we as a Muslim should be ready when 'that day' will come. Anytime Allah can make the world ends. Persoalannya, adakah amalan anda telah mencukupi untuk menampung akaun akhirat anda? :)

AND of course, this year I will be a 2012 SPM Candidates *peace* Oh My God! Seriously, Im not ready yet. Nervous, takut semua ada! :-/ A lot of people said that SPM for this year is really hard than the last year. Idk what to say. Of course it will be hard if youre not studying, not concentrate in the class and didnt do any exercises. If we do all of that, InsyaAllah we can do the SPM easily :) But not to forget your AMAL IBADAT. Do the 5 times prayer a day, recite the AlQuran and always remember Allah. DONT DO things that Allah doesnt like and dont do the unbeneficial things. And also dont forget your parents and friends. Go and apologize to them if we had do some mistakes towards them or hurt them and so on....

So in this 2012, I would like to open a new book and start a new life. Lets the past be in the 2011. Lets all of the shits stay in 2011 and dont bring 'them' up in this 2012. Forget all the bad things that had happened to you. Forget all our ex's that had broke our heart and make us cry. Forget all our problems that had hurt our feelings. Just FORGET all that shits okay? Lets bygone be bygone. Lets make a change yaww! :D

Last but not least, I would like to seek for your forgiveness if I had hurt your feelings, make you feel bad or angry and lots more. I am really honestly truly sorry. Hope you guys forgive me :') #peacenowar. Pluss I hope I can do the best in this SPM. Really hope that all the 2012 SPM candidates will get a good results soon. And lastly I really hope I can be a better muslimah. AMIN :)