Friday, February 25, 2011

My Birthday!!! :D

Assalamualaikummmm :) kalau tak jwb dosa, kalau jwb sayangggg *maria elena pnye style* hihihi, i wanna tell u guys about my birthday :D it is yesterday, 25th February 2011. it's totally the best! i celebrate my birthday at school with all my beloved friends :) altough it's a lil bit tired because of the cross-country, but we had so much fun! :D and my friend gave me a surprised, she gave me another chocolate cheese cake. serious i tak tahu pon yg dia nk bg cake tu dkt i. masuk masuk je kelas tiba tiba ade org nyanyi lagu "happy birthday" thanks aida, btw the cake is so scrummy (it means delicious) :) and and and, i got a Teddy Bear from my new friend, she's from London, bru msk skola jln 3 this year. she's a nice girl. i also got a Toblerone from my friend. thanks to all my friends that had wished me and gave me some present yesterday, i really appreciate it a lot :D hope i will get a lot of present next week, altough my birthday da lepas kan, hihi. and today my family and i wanna celebrate my birthday. we gonna get some steak yaww! pergh, da lme gle tak mkn steak :) can't wait! and i would like to thank my mom sbb beli kan i blueberry cheese cake and nk belanja makan steak. thank you so much mama! love you! :') so, i think that's all you guys. nxt time kalo ade cte lg i will update my blog okayy. Assalamualaikum and peace yaww! :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

16th FEBRUARY 2011

you see that date up there? yeah, it's 16th february and it's my BEST FRIEND's birthday yaww!!! :D happy sweet 16 darling :) may God bless you. i just want you to remember that I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH!!! :D don't you ever forget me okayy!! i'm so glad that we're met. we had been friend's since we're in year 6 rite? OMG! it has been 5 year!! time flew so fast rite. sorry if i had hurt your feelings all this while. especially last year, huhu. i'm really sorry :( i did not expect that to happened. i don't know how to say this, but you are like my Best Friend in this whole wide world. i don't want to loose you anymore babe. i'm so glad and thank god that this year we're classmates :') so, i think that's all, enjoy your birthday. sorry la cake tu tak seberapa, hihi. tu je yg aku mampu but it's sincerely from my heart :) last but not least, thank you so much for being my Best Friend all this while *muah muah*

p/s: don't forget 25th FEBRUARY OKAYY!!! :P

Nik Edna :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

it's all about TUMBLR

one word, tumblr. OMG OMG OMG ! i really really had fall in love with tumblr. right now, tumblr is my full time job. i love being on tumblr than facebook. u know, tumblr is all about expressing your feelings. tumblr knows everything about me. tumblr says more about me than anyone knows. right now, i'm totally addicted to it. it's like a drug for me. i can't sit quietly if in one day i did not open my tumblr. grrr, it's like freaking me out badly, TROLOLOL :D and and and i also love all the emoticons off the tumblr. it's like different than other emoticons. tumblr is my bestest boyfriend, bestfriend i ever had in my whole life!!! i'm glad i found you tumblr. love you :') if my boyfriend text to me like this pic below, i'll reply to him like that :

HAHAHA :D see, tumblr is way important to me. HAHA! so peeps, gtg now. gotta reblog some awesome pics and post at my awesome tumblr yaww! :D toodles!! ;)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

HIM :')

i had go through this before. this guy had stole my heart until now. but he didn't know. i really like him A LOT, but i don't know how to tell him. he's such a sweet guy, caring and i really love his smile :) i wanna text him, but i'm afraid that i might bother him. i also really wanna talk to him, but i feel like i annoy him. he has a lot of girlfriend. i mean not his sweet heart, but his girls friend. u know what i mean right *sigh* i'm totally in love with him. i hope he feel the same way. every time i log in into my FB, i always walk by his FB first and i will see all his picture. i will not forget this guy. he makes me smile, and forget all my sad past :( i love him a lot, but no one knew except my bestfriends :) i really really hope that one day he will text or call me. half of my tumblr is all about him. i hope u read this :) i miss your voice when u call me late at night, i miss your laughs, i miss all about YOU. I MISS YOU SO MUCH :') you're the only exception :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Favourite Band Ever!!!

i'm totally in love with this new band. it's The Ready Set :) his song is so cool and awesome!!! his famous song right now is Love Like Woe. i'm still in love with Never Shout Never too. i'll not leave this band. this two band is my FAVOURITE BAND EVER!!!! totally love their songs! <3>