Sunday, September 19, 2010

This One Boy :))

heyy peeps! i wanna tell u guys about this one boy
his name is M. He is my close frens actually
i love being frens with him :)
i'm starting to know him dis year
hurmm, everytime when we're texting, he always makes me Laugh Out Loud :))
i'm really glad to know him
i don't know why, everytime i txting with him, i always smile :)
if someone amek video i tengah txt dgn dye, msti org ckp i ni gle
sbb always tersengih jeee :D haha!
sometimes ble terigt blk lawak jgak. LOL! :))
but nxt year dye ckp dye da tak tggl cni lg, dye kena pindah :(
ikot ayah dye tak silap
hurm, tak dpt nak jmpe dye da
lg pon nxt year msti dye busy sbb nak SPM
Btw, to Mr.M, if u read dis i just wanna say
thank you for being my frens all dis while.
i love being frens with u bcoz u always makes me laugh out loud :D
so i think dat's all u guys. if i have new storie(s), i'll update my blog okayy
bubye. peace yaww home dawg!! :D

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Munirah Adilla bt Mawardi :)

Munirah Adilla bt Mawardi.
she is the best true fren i ever had
dis year i'm not in the same class with her
so ktorg mcm da tak rpt sgt
it's hard for me to forget her
altough we're not in the same class anymore
and dye pon da rpt ngan org lain but i still anggap dye tu BFF i
dlu mase ktorg in fom 1 and fom 2,
24 hrs berkepit je
mane ade i, msti ade dye. and mne ade dye, msti ade i
our fav things is GOSSIPING <3
haha! it's the best thing
mmg x bole la kalo sehari x gossip dgn dye
dye pon always cte probs dye kat i
and i da btol2 msk da ngan prangai dye
but dis year i see she's a lil bit change
she's like, can't be herself when she's with someone else
ble dye ngan i je bru dye bole jd diri dye sndry
yeah, name pon ktorg bff dlu
dah saling memahami antara satu sama lain dah pon
act, i really miss her so much
i really miss "the old" munirah adilla that i had known in 3 yrs
she is like my best buddy
andd ktorg bole dikatekan mcm lesbigay
haha. i mean nott in the bad way but in the good way
we're not totally lesbian okay!!
don't get us wrong. haha
itu cumalah ungkapan sahaja
hrm, this year she had a big probs
andd ia melibatkan all of my gang
act, i tertanya2 jgk why sume kwn2 i mcm tati, fith, ezz and cha x bole accept dye??
i pon kadang2 x phm gak ngan dorang tu
ble dorang ckp mun cam da gle2 da brubah, ok, i mcm caye la jgak kat dorang
but ble i tgk mun tu she's just fine with me
yeah, ade la brubah cket2
my gang x bole nak accept dye sbb i rase dorang da pikir yg mun tu tak bole brubah
andd x akan brubah. so cane mun nak brubah
sedangkan kat mate dorang, dorang da nmpk mun cam tu
dorang da totally pikir negatif psl mun
i think it's not fair dorang wat mun cam tu
sdgkan dye da workhard gle2 nak brubah
mun try nak be frenly dgn dorang but dorang mcm xley nak accept dye
i pon da xtaw la nak buat ape
rite now mun always cte probs dye kat i
dye ckp ble dye dgn i dye bole jd diri dye sndry
coz we have been together for 2yrs
of coz la kan. i pon ksian gak tgk dye sbb dorg sume lyn dye cam tu
dye luahkan sume probs dye kat i
andd ble dye cte tu i bole taw yg dye btol2 honest ckp bnde ni
act, she tried to be fren with my gang
but my gang totally can't accept her
so, cane dye nak brubah if dorg sume pikir yg dye x bole brubah
she can't be herself
disbbkan kwn2 i da x lyn dye so dye kwn ngan sume org
including budak2 asrama
i pon da xtaw nak ckp ape
hurm, since dye da x rpt ngan ktorang sume
dye just focus kat dye pnye stdy je
it's good for her i think
yeah, sume subject dye mningkat kot
tak pena2 History dpt A, ttbe dpt A plak. haha
i hope we can be bestfren like we used to
and i will not forget bout her
hehe. ILYSFDM! <3
so, peace yaww home dawg!! :D