Tuesday, April 6, 2010

webcam :)

omg! da lme nye x update blog..rindu nyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
here's my story...
last sunday, my girlfren, elia dtg uma i
ktorg wat folio sme2
lps wat folio tu ktorg boring sgt tataw nak wat ape
then, dingdong! we've got an ideaktorg nak amek gmbr gune webcam
best glee! andd we also do a lot of crazy things, gossip2
it's totally fun hang out with my babe
hmmm...rite now me n elia was very close
we're like BFF :) i love her <3
we alwiz do crazy things togetheract, we got a plan to make a spaghetti wif all my girlfrens
but dunno when to do itwe're like totally bz rite now with folio..huh! hate it
kalo x bole wat spaghetti tu rmi2
hmmm...nvm..i've got to go now
have a lot of hw to do
peace yaww home dawg!! :D
here are some pictures

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