Monday, June 28, 2010

my superduperhugebiggy problems

DING DONG!!! hello peeps :)
hurmmmm....rite now i had a superduperhugebiggy problems
i have 2 person that i love
there's A and B

about A, i love him so much
but rite now i think he's totally bz with his stdy at "somewhere"
and i'm afraid lame-kelamaan ktorg mcm da x rpt sgt
biase la, bdk college
but we're not couple okayy
he's my ex bf

about B, i started to like him
idk why..he's so sweet and caring to me
but my fren said that he's a playboy
idk it's true or not

the problem is rite now idk who i want to choose
both of them were trying to flirting with me
i love both of them soo much's hard for me to choose
both of them were sweet to me
caring, loveable
i'm so confused :(

but the best way is
i think i just be frens with them until i finish my pmr
after pmr i will think bout his
rite now i have to concentrate to my study first
i have to got 9A's or 8A's for my pmr

btw, this saturday hari ambil report card
OMG! i'm so scared..i'm afraid that my parents will mad at me
i really regret i didn't do my best for mid year exam
but orang ckp mnyesal tidak ada gunenye
rite now i have to try my best for this trial
it's almost's about one month
andd PMR is about 99 days to go
i'm sooo nervous + scared = :(
hope i get a good abd better result 4 my trial

okayy...gtg now
got to do some revision..hehe :D
peace yaww home dawg!! :)