Sunday, September 19, 2010

This One Boy :))

heyy peeps! i wanna tell u guys about this one boy
his name is M. He is my close frens actually
i love being frens with him :)
i'm starting to know him dis year
hurmm, everytime when we're texting, he always makes me Laugh Out Loud :))
i'm really glad to know him
i don't know why, everytime i txting with him, i always smile :)
if someone amek video i tengah txt dgn dye, msti org ckp i ni gle
sbb always tersengih jeee :D haha!
sometimes ble terigt blk lawak jgak. LOL! :))
but nxt year dye ckp dye da tak tggl cni lg, dye kena pindah :(
ikot ayah dye tak silap
hurm, tak dpt nak jmpe dye da
lg pon nxt year msti dye busy sbb nak SPM
Btw, to Mr.M, if u read dis i just wanna say
thank you for being my frens all dis while.
i love being frens with u bcoz u always makes me laugh out loud :D
so i think dat's all u guys. if i have new storie(s), i'll update my blog okayy
bubye. peace yaww home dawg!! :D

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