Friday, January 7, 2011


hellooo peeps! da lme i tak update this blog kann. so, as u guys can see the school had start right. hurm, it's totally the best lah sbb dapat jmpe mmbe2 sume kan. and this year i da mks form 4, yeay! i'm actually menengah tinggi, no more menengah rendah okayy. haha. then, first day of school kena ddk dekat dewan dulu sbb ktorg sume still xtau lg msk kls ape. so, slame 3 hari ddk dkt dewan tu then on thursday baru lah ktorg sume dapat msk kls masing masing. and FYI i dapat kls pure sc. i'm act happy dapat kelas pure sc, andd i'm also excited to study biology, chemist, and fizik. but ble i pk2 kan blk i think i nk msk kls acc plak sbb i tkot i tak bole bwk sume subjek2 tu. *sigh* so, my final decision is i have to go to kelas 4 Ehsan iaitu kls ACCOUNT. honestly i x mnat langsung acc but i will try to minat la kan. but on the first day i belajar acc from our discipline teacher, Tn. Rosli a.k.a "jambang" andd a.k.a our sugardaddy. HAHA :D hurmm, he's okayy la. dye ajar senang nak faham. but agak cuaks la, yeah, kate pon ckgu disiplin kan. sape tak cuaks, i mean like seriously. huh! dah la dye tu garang kott. so, redha jela kan dapat dye. so, a lot of people says that form 4 is a honeymoon year. but not for me. starting from now on i nak bljr btol btol andd always concentrate in class :) so, cross out honeymoon year. hurmm, i think that's all u guys. i nak pergi solat asar ni. so, assalamualaikum and peace yaww! :D

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