Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day :D

Mother's day is almost here. A day dedicated especially for celebrating the beautiful and amazing plus awesome people that we called MUMS are tomorrow (8th May 2011) . It's a time to appreciate all of the things that our mums do for us, big or small and thank them for it. They do so much for us, and it's unfair to think that they have to do it, because the truth is mums do what they do out of love. Just a day alone doesn't have enough hours to thank our mums. They sacrifice a lot just to be mums and more often than not, we somehow manage to take that for granted. They give us their time and attention even when they're exhausted at the end of a long day.

Love plays a factor here and it can be hard to imagine loving someone unconditionally but that is exactly what mums do. They love us no matter what and always have our best interests at heart. There is really no end to the countless wonders that all mums can do and working mums are nothing short of admirable, seeing as they have to make time for their busy career, friends, as well as us. Stay-at-home mums are pretty awesome too, and they often don't get enough credit for the many things that they do.

Mums can do just about everything from helping out with homework to baking the most delicious and addicting chocolate chip cookies and pineapple tarts imaginable :) They make things that seem impossible happen. Mums aren't just mums but they're SUPERMUMS!! :D and we should be thankful to have them. Don't forget to show your mum lots of love this Sunday, and every other day too. After all, where would we be without them? :') With that said, Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mums out there and and and especially to my mum, Kartina Sheikh Abdul Rahim :D

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