Thursday, July 14, 2011

We're Just Friends :)

Assalamualaikum. Kalau tak jawab dosaa, kalau jawab sayanggg *maria elena plakk* hihi. So, here i wanna tell you guys about my relationship with this one "boy". Okay, let's make things clear here. Actually I just wanna say that we're NOT COUPLE! We're just friends. Not more than that okayy. It's just that i really felt kind of annoying when all the people at my school said that we're couple. Yess, we're act a CLOSE AND BEST FRIEND. Get it? For me, i don't want to think about this couple thingy. I'm totally tired of it. Okaylah, bukan nak bangga diri ke apa but act i'm a friendly person. I love being friends with everyone :) but takdelah semua orang kann. Ttbe tak kenal nak jd best friend plakk. Apacerita? Asal tak kecindan lah kan, hihi :D

Right now I just want to be friends with him. So please stop saying that we're a loving couple or whatt okayy. Hurmm, a lot of people said that I'm totally lucky to have him as my close and best friend because he is such a nice guy. It's hard to find a guy like him in this new era. He is so sweet, caring, lovable and lotsss more. Just imagine, dye sanggup datang sekolah time ptg ptg (if i stay skolah lah kan) semata mata nak temankan I balik. He's really worried if I'm walking home alone.

MA, if you read this I just wanna say that, thank you so much for making me happy and willingly to do anything for me. I really appreciate that a lot :') And thanks for being my CLOSE AND BEST FRIEND all this while. I'm glad to know you and I'm glad that we're met. HEEE :3

P/S: So, for all the people out there
especially my friends dkt skolah tu, stop saying that we are couple okayy. We are just friends, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Not more than that okayy :)

So, gtg now. Makan timeee!!! Yumyum! Byebye. Assalamualaikum and peace yaww! :)


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