Monday, December 12, 2011

Vacation with my Beloved Family :)

Ohmyyyyyyy!! Its been so long i didnt update my bloggy. Hmm yeah, lately im kinda busy and i dont have any idea what to write about. So this time is about my vacation. It was so awesome. I dont know how to describe it. Lets the picture be the proves. Enjoy okayy :D

Ni dkt hotel, before nak pergi Pangkor. We stayed at Lumut

In the ferry yaww :D

Makan tiiiimmme!! Ohmyy, time ni starving gilaaa

Time ni dah sampai Lumut blk dah. Really tired but we had so much fun *sorry the picture kinda blurr*

Its the last day. Now we're at Teluk Batik. The beach was so beautiful. Ramai gila org!!

My sister and brother were enjoying their swimming :)

So guys, act i had loads more of pic but I WILL upload it at my fb soon. Not now lah eyh, sbb skrg nak kena out dah. Tak sempat nak upload. So nnt if u guys wanna see it, just go to my fb accounts okayy :) I think thats all from now. Thanks for reading my bloggy. Peace yaww!


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