Monday, October 11, 2010

at last!!! FREEEE!!!! :D

yabedabedoooo!!!!! at last!! i'm free from PMR!
Oh My Gucci!!! it's the best damn thing!
after this nak kuar hang out with all my beloved frenssss <3
wootwoot!! can't wait!!
anddd it's time for SHOPPING!!! woohooo! :D
no need to study lg this year
after this tak nak sentuh buku pon
pandang pon tak nak. heee :D
rite now nak onlineeee je stiap mase
andd nak tgk movieee je
omg! omg! rase mcm bebas drpd penjajah komunis! :))
my mommy and daddy da tak bole mara if i nak tgk tv or online
hehehe, tu yang best tu
tiada lagi penghalang! ahaha :D

so i think dat's all u guys
nak pergi tgk movie!
peace yaww home dawg!! ;)

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