Saturday, October 16, 2010


omg! best gle shopping kat mines td
then, pegi tgk wayang and karaoke.
memang terbaik lah :D hehe
best sgt! but hbs lenguh satu bdn
andd mase pegi kat tmpt bowling tu ttbe terigt kat kwn i dlu plak
dlu first time jmpe dye kat mines
he is so hensem. hehehe
sggup kuar wyg juz bcoz of i nk dtg
hurm....he is so sweet :)
miss him so much
skang ni da lame x contact dye. huhu
hurm, act speechless da.
xtaw nak ckp ape lg
and i'm so tired rite now
gtg to sleep now.
so, until then,
peace yaww home dawg!! :D

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