Saturday, February 5, 2011

HIM :')

i had go through this before. this guy had stole my heart until now. but he didn't know. i really like him A LOT, but i don't know how to tell him. he's such a sweet guy, caring and i really love his smile :) i wanna text him, but i'm afraid that i might bother him. i also really wanna talk to him, but i feel like i annoy him. he has a lot of girlfriend. i mean not his sweet heart, but his girls friend. u know what i mean right *sigh* i'm totally in love with him. i hope he feel the same way. every time i log in into my FB, i always walk by his FB first and i will see all his picture. i will not forget this guy. he makes me smile, and forget all my sad past :( i love him a lot, but no one knew except my bestfriends :) i really really hope that one day he will text or call me. half of my tumblr is all about him. i hope u read this :) i miss your voice when u call me late at night, i miss your laughs, i miss all about YOU. I MISS YOU SO MUCH :') you're the only exception :)

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