Friday, February 25, 2011

My Birthday!!! :D

Assalamualaikummmm :) kalau tak jwb dosa, kalau jwb sayangggg *maria elena pnye style* hihihi, i wanna tell u guys about my birthday :D it is yesterday, 25th February 2011. it's totally the best! i celebrate my birthday at school with all my beloved friends :) altough it's a lil bit tired because of the cross-country, but we had so much fun! :D and my friend gave me a surprised, she gave me another chocolate cheese cake. serious i tak tahu pon yg dia nk bg cake tu dkt i. masuk masuk je kelas tiba tiba ade org nyanyi lagu "happy birthday" thanks aida, btw the cake is so scrummy (it means delicious) :) and and and, i got a Teddy Bear from my new friend, she's from London, bru msk skola jln 3 this year. she's a nice girl. i also got a Toblerone from my friend. thanks to all my friends that had wished me and gave me some present yesterday, i really appreciate it a lot :D hope i will get a lot of present next week, altough my birthday da lepas kan, hihi. and today my family and i wanna celebrate my birthday. we gonna get some steak yaww! pergh, da lme gle tak mkn steak :) can't wait! and i would like to thank my mom sbb beli kan i blueberry cheese cake and nk belanja makan steak. thank you so much mama! love you! :') so, i think that's all you guys. nxt time kalo ade cte lg i will update my blog okayy. Assalamualaikum and peace yaww! :D

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