Tuesday, February 8, 2011

it's all about TUMBLR

one word, tumblr. OMG OMG OMG ! i really really had fall in love with tumblr. right now, tumblr is my full time job. i love being on tumblr than facebook. u know, tumblr is all about expressing your feelings. tumblr knows everything about me. tumblr says more about me than anyone knows. right now, i'm totally addicted to it. it's like a drug for me. i can't sit quietly if in one day i did not open my tumblr. grrr, it's like freaking me out badly, TROLOLOL :D and and and i also love all the emoticons off the tumblr. it's like different than other emoticons. tumblr is my bestest boyfriend, bestfriend i ever had in my whole life!!! i'm glad i found you tumblr. love you :') if my boyfriend text to me like this pic below, i'll reply to him like that :

HAHAHA :D see, tumblr is way important to me. HAHA! so peeps, gtg now. gotta reblog some awesome pics and post at my awesome tumblr yaww! :D toodles!! ;)

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