Friday, September 16, 2011

Open Houses :D

This week i've got A LOT of open houses that i have to go. Like seriously in one day i have three to four open house. So today i'm feeling so damn tired. 3 buah rumah kot. Asal tak penat satu hal. And i know that i will gain my weight like a lot. Ouh-Em-Gee, after this dah kena diet lah rasanye *sigh*

So, speaking of open houses. Tadi pergi rumah classmate I, Fairuz. Hmm not bad lah, best sangat! Got a lot of FOOD yaww! And we (The Scarflets) had a photoshoot together. Totally the best but unfortunately my wifey, Munirah Adilla tak dpt dtg because dye ada hal sikit :'(
Then, time dekat rumah Fairuz tu, classmate I especially the boys ade jugak. Ktorg mmg rapat actually but taktahu kenapa tadi dorang mcm tak kenal je ktorang. Like seriously, asal dgn korang?! -.- mmg tak sakit hati lah kan. Slalunye ktorg lepaklepak, gossipgossip. Ni tak, they're just mind their own business and buat ktorg ni mcm tak wujud. THANKS A LOT GUYS! WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT :) nxt time kalau jumpa ktorg tak payah tegur pun takpe taw. Ktorg tak kisah punn. Yelaa, sape lah ktorg ni kan. Korang kan budak hot, so ktorg tak layak nak lepak dgn korang lagi. And also org yang I rapat before this, org yg I slalu texting tak layan I langsung. He's not even say HI to me. That's why sampai sekarang aku tak txt kau. Once again, thanks dude :)

So, the things yang membuatkan ktorg takde mood and kecik hati is because of this la. Seriously mmg terasa sgt. How could you guys :'( hmm nevermind lah. Nak buat cane, bnde dah lepas malas nak ingat. Buat sakit hati je *sigh* I think that's all for now. Assalamualaikum and peace yaww :-/


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