Saturday, September 24, 2011

Teratak Munirah Adilla :D

OMG!! It was a blast having fun with all my friends at Munirah Adilla's home sweet home :D haa mcm ni lah baru best. Altough tak ramai yg dtg but I think this is the best open house ever. Wanna know why?? Because ktorang semua finally dapat lepak sekali. Tak mcm minggu lepas kann. So, this week is much much and much better! We eat a lot, especially Muhd Ashfaqiah yg mkn tak henti henti hihi :p then ktorg hang out sama sama and we take a PHOTOSHOOT!! Like seriously best gilaaaaaa :D so to my friend yg tak dapat dtg, I feel sorry for you guys because you guys miss the fun that we all had together. Nevermind, InsyaAllah next year ada lg kan. So dont worry :)

And also I finally got to meet my new and beautiful friends Yasmin Ab and Nur Amalina. You girls are so gorgeous! Like seriously :) but unfortunately kte dapat hang out kejap je. Sorry, I kena balik awal. Hope next time dapat hang out dgn both of you lagi kay? Hee :)

So, I think thats all for now. Nak besiap pergi open house for tonight pulak. Assalamualaikum and peace yaww! Kalau nak tgk gmbr, just go to my facebook account okay. Kalau tkde lagi, it will be uploaded soon hihi ;)


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